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Growth Alchemist. Team Builder. Founder Whisperer. (Okay, Growth Consultant Works Too!)

For close to a decade, I’ve navigated different landscapes–startups, nonprofits, and big enterprises–wearing many hats: brand strategist, communicator, growth hacker, operations manager, business developer, even a founder myself.

I’m in an ongoing struggle of finding the perfect title on what to call myself. But for now, “Growth Consultant” works.

I thrive on being the first commercially-focused, brand-driven person founders bring on board. Whether it’s as an individual contributor, a lead, a head, or even a director (either full-time or a consultant) I know what it’s like to start from scratch. I love starting from scratch. I’m usually a team of one, building teams and establishing processes from the ground up.

They love that my approach is a little unconventional. I’m known for extremely maximizing value in their processes by utilizing what’s already available.


How can I help:
  1. Crafting & Maintaining Strategies: Centered on how you want the company/product to be perceived. I analyze your funnel and prioritize activities for maximum value and ROI.
  2. Positioning & Messaging: Articulating who you are and the value you offer. We’ll develop messaging that resonates with your audience/customers, investors/donors, media, and potential hires.
  3. Org Structure & Hiring: Focused on the resources you have right now and where do you want to be in the future. I help you identify organizational needs, define roles and responsibilities.
  4. Hands-on Execution: Be it as a team of one (me) or building a the necessary team to do it with you (full-time and/or freelancers). Ensuring every activity is working together to advocate for the brand/project. Activities include: social media content, webinars, conferences, etc.
  5. Core Support: Supplementary research, brand check-ups, turning notes into handbooks, brainstorming ways to grow and generate revenue, developing and managing business development resources. I got you.


What are your common deliverables?

Here are the things I commonly delivered throughout my years as an independent growth consultant:

Bid & Grant Docs

Blog Posts & Articles

Brand Audit Reports

Brand Strategy Docs

Business Plans

Case Studies

Competitive Analysis Docs

Content Strategy Docs


Editorial & Content Calendars

Employee Handbooks

Event Planning Docs

Feastibility Studies

Knowledge Bases

Organizational Charts

Prioritized Action Plans

Social Media Content

Slide Decks & Speaker Notes

What types of businesses do you work with?

I work with a variety of businesses,and have a background in startups, nonprofits, and large enterprises. I am also comfortable on both funded and bootstrapped setups.

Do you offer one-off projects or ongoing support?

I offer both! We can work together on a specific project—like developing a brand messaging guide or bigger ones, like events. We can also establish a retainer agreement for ongoing support with your business processes or growth strategies.

What does a typical engagement look like?

Every project is unique, but generally, we'll start with a discovery phase to understand your goals and challenges. Then, develop a bespoke strategy and action plan. We'll work collaboratively throughout the project, with regular communication and adjustments as needed.

Events you say? What events?

From virtual networking nights to webinars and conferences. From planning to execution. I would typically advocate for an event as a brand-building activity. Virtual ones typically do not cost much.

How would you be a good fit for us?

I would be a good fit for you if you are looking for a partner in conquering growth challenges, and you value foundational work.

You can also refer to the manifesto for more information.