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I write whenever I’m free. I plan to turn my scribbles and notes into digestible content (or maybe something less embarassing). Consider this section is a forever work in progress. I have a lot in drafts, I promise!



Empathize with Customers, Solve Pain Points
1507 words·8 mins
business marketing
So it has been done already. Now what?
467 words·3 mins
business brand
Whoever gets closer to the customer wins
661 words·4 mins
brand marketing


Marketing Personas: Engage Audiences Better
1158 words·6 mins
marketing communications
Become Customer-Obsessed, Sell the Feeling
751 words·4 mins
brand marketing
Art of ‘stealing’ audiences from those who came first
631 words·3 mins
case marketing
How Riot Games Mastered The Art of In-game Selling
517 words·3 mins
case communications
Reframe Flaws to Features (feat. The Beetles)
353 words·2 mins
marketing copywriting
Can We DIY Brand Strategy?
644 words·4 mins
What is Brand Strategy? And why you need one
995 words·5 mins
How we clutched funding in a week with a piece of paper
1211 words·6 mins